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About PK University

P.K. University has been established keeping in view the foregoing are growing emphasis on global competitiveness, the need to bridge the gap between theory and practice and the growing demand for highly skilled personnel in the frontier areas of management, engineering and technology, medicine, architecture, Information Technology and Computing, media and Communication, films and television, healthcare, insurance, bio-sciences, fashion, low, hospitality and tourism and other fields of education, the Sonal Educational Society proposes to establish as University in Shivpuri (M.P) entitled P.K. University encompassing all the major disciplines the majority of the courses will be innovative, practice oriented, flexible, modular and ensure that the students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for successful careers.

The University will establish a close liaison with the productive sector, broaden the mental horizons of its student and provide a stimulating place through study, stay and learn. This will meet the growing needs of the students of not only Madhya Pradesh but also India and abroad too. Since all the courses to be offered by P.K. University are going to be innovative and highly practical oriented this will go a long way in fulfilling the aspiration of student and parents at Utter Pradesh and adjoining area.

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