Chancellor’s Desk

The world as we know now and as we knew back in 20th century has changed tremendously. The upcoming of life changing technologies and different fields that are now open to academic research and employment as made one thing sure that knowledge will be the key to everything that has to come and will be highly sought after has it has the power to change anything and everything .

I believe that “Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.”

We believe that in professional as well as personal life that we all have, we have to learn how to educate ourselves always, develop and evolve ourselves in a better way. We have to learn how to be responsible towards the society in which we live and to promote it towards growth.

At P.K. University we not only promote the evolution of individual but also the growth of society as a whole. We have to realize that education alone is not sufficient and so we train our students in regions of respect for the society, Having High Morales, Personality Development ,Creativity etc. These are some things which are very important in long run.

We realize that right environment is equally important in making a student learn and grow and so at P.K. University we aim at creating that right environment for students by giving them the proper facilities they need to grow. We also regularly tie up with industries and companies to provide our students with excellent opportunities to work and learn with industry experts.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the state of the art Education to our students

As we believe that when our students excel we excel.